Colour Analysis

"The best colour in the world is the one that looks best on you..." Coco Chanel


Do you always wear black and grey because it‘s safe? Would you rather remove the guesswork in your wardrobe and learn how to shine in colour? 

Colour plays an important role in our lives, it can have a huge impact on how we look and feel and how others perceive us. Wearing the right choice of colours can make you look brighter, slimmer, younger and help boost your self confidence. At the end of the day, if you look good you will feel good too!

Benefits of Colour Analysis

· Shopping is a whole lot easier when you know which colours to look for and which to ignore 

  (saving time and money).

· When you know your colours, you will have a fantastic wardrobe. 

Colour Consultation

Your consultation will be personal to you and includes:

· How to choose colours that best suit you and your colouring

· Make-up Consultation / Mini Makeover

· Personal 42 colour swatch wallet.

Duration: Approx 1.5 hours  Cost: £120 per person

Colour Parties 

Get together with a group of 6-9 friends in the comfort of your own home and share a colourful experience to remember. For bespoke parties please get in touch for a price on request.

If you would like to give your wardrobe an instant boost and live life in colour, please get in touch, I would love to hear from you. Let’s make it your time to shine!

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