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 "Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak..." Rachel Zoe

Being chic and looking good isn’t something reserved only for the rich and famous or super skinny, we all deserve to look our best. Women on a tight budget or think they may have body shape issues, can still look wonderful everyday, you simply need to know what is right for you and how to pull it all together.

If you would like to refresh your wardrobe and make the most of your body shape, please get in touch. Make bad clothes days a thing of the past and bring your wardrobe to life with a RubyWOO Wardrobe Makeover. 

Wardrobe Makeover

- De-clutter and revitalize your wardrobe, by weeding out those unflattering old favorites.

- Re-style and create new ways of wearing clothes you already have 

- Emphasize what you like about your body and disguise what you don't 

- Select your best colours to make you look and feel brighter

- Accessorize to look fabulous!

Cost: £100 (for minimum 3 hours), £25 per hour for additional time.

If you have been through life changes and maybe lost a little sparkle, please give me a call… and let’s unleash a fabulous new you!"

RubyWOO Personal Styling

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